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Nanosecond timer resolution

Timer resolution has been increased to nanoseconds
Why nanosecond timers?

Nanosecond resolution timers are obviously far beyond the accuracy that can be provided by our native operating systems, but sometimes we are working with SCOE or Instrument EGSE that do provide this level of accuracy. In new missions, these EGSE are being synchronised using PTP.

Furthermore some missions use an on board time stamp resolution that includes three bytes of fine time. This is allowable within the ECSS standards however even one microsecond resolution in the time value is not enough to represent the least significant bits of this time stamp. We need a resolution of about 60 nanoseconds to be supported so that we can accurately display the least significant bit of a time stamp with 3 bytes of fine time.

We could also foresee sending commands to an instrument or its EGSE to be executed at an extremely accurate time in future.

The latest TSC and CCS allow stamp resolution allows up to 9 digits of sub-second (fractional part) of the time stamp. The CCS archive, and its searching facilities also permit this level of resolution.