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MTG CCS Set#1 and Set#2 passed Factory Acceptance Test

Meteosat Third Generation CCS Factory Acceptance Test for Set#1 and Set#2 has been successfuly closed on 7th June 2013.
Overall the MTG CCS project involves 5 systems that will be deployed to OHB and to TAS-F for satellite AIT
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The Meteosat Third Generation satellite will use a central checkout system based on TSC.
After TSC being upgraded to a multiuser system for IXV, the development for the MTG satellite has taken it to a new higher performance level:

- the archiving resolution has increased to the nanosecond
- CCS can handle and process 1000 packets per second
- CCS is integrated with SNMP tools, to allow the user to manage remote Agents from test console (e.g. read and change the configuration status of some network equipment)
- CCS includes management of Manual Commands with the new Manual Command Stak (MSTK) module

For the MTG project, CCS uses the EDEN standard protocol for communication to the SCOEs.