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Control Graphs from Scripts

You can now create, display and configure graph displays directly from a test script!
This feature has been kept “under wraps” for some time while we complete the documentation and syntax checker. But you may not know that CMDVS has its own plotting and graphing capabilities. Via the user interface you can drag and drop parameters to a graph, save the graph and plot parameters as they change over time. The graphs can be set to scale (or not) automatically.

The ::GRAPH:: name space has been added with a set of commands to create, add and remove parameters, rescale a a graph plot. This means you can automate graph display and configuration. Although it isn’t documented yet, take a look at the example BuiltInGraphs.tcl in the SelfTest test pack.

If you prefer, you can still use BLT plugin for plotting graphs. This has the advantage that it gives even more flexibility since you can define a graph literally any way you like, so long as you are prepared to write code.... BLT is a little tricky to learn, but provides spectacular performance when plotting large data sets.