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New License Allocation webpage

As of today, it will be possible to purchase, allocate and deallocate CCS and TSC licenses online!
Keep your Purchase Order Confirmation at hand, because from now on, it will be possible for you to allocate and deallocate purchased licenses to a given MAC address entirely online.

For every purchase, a number of licenses will be allocated by TERMA to your project.

Within the limits of your license pool, you are then free to create TSC/CCS license keys for a number of MAC addresses and if needed, also to deactivate a license on a MAC address and activate it on a different one.

In order to update/query our online database for your license poo, you will need to provide project name and company name exactly as they are presented in the CCS/TSC Purchase Order Confirmation.

All database queries and updates will be logged and emailed back to you as well as to TERMA CCS support.