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Unsolicited TC Acknowledgements

Under certain circumstances you may receive TM(1,x) packets that cannot be matched with any TC that the system is aware of. For example:

- Onboard software bugs (wrong APID, wrong SSC)

- A command sent by another entity (a remote mission control system) e.g. during an SVT

- A command spontaneously generated on board that cannot be predicted

The Unsolicited TC Viewer allows you to view any responses to TC that were not "expected".
Note that it is possible to "anticipate" commands, and make them "expected" by the system using the tcmodel command.

In the PUS standard, TM(1,x) packets refer to the originating TC using the Packet ID, composed of APID and SSC of the originating telecommand. Note these are not the APID or SSC of the telemetry packet! To be clear we refer to TC APID and TC SSC.

The unexpected TM(1,x) packets are grouped by TC APID and then sorted (ascending) by TC SSC, then subtype, and for TM(1,5) packets a progress step is displayed as well. Packets with an even subtype signify a failure and thus are highlighted in red.

The system does not require TM1,x to be named or identified in the MIB database, but if the packets are identified then their names are displayed.
You can double-click on one of these records to jump to a respective row in the TM Packet Viewer. To clear the Unsolicited TC Viewer, you can select individual packets and press “Delete”, or click the “Clear all” button. Of course the packets will remain in the TM Packet Viewer.

Finally a search bar is present that behaves exactly as in the other viewers.