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Downloadable DBM

The DBM (database manager) is now available as a downloadable installer
The DBM (Data Base Manager) is a free MS-Access based application allowing you to edit, import and check databases formatted according to the ESA SCOS2000 ASCII MIB.

It is supplied with CMDVS TSC and SCOS2000 based checkout systems.

The application is now downloadable from this site, and installs on MS Windows using an automatic installer.

You will need MS Office or MS Access runtime. The download page also includes a link to a free downloadable MS Access 2007.

This version is tested using MS Access / Office 2007. Although we have not tested on Office 2010, quick trial runs seem to show that DBM 2.0 also works with MS Office 2010. If you try on Office 2010, and encounter problems, we cannot guarantee any useful support, but please let us know.