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A bug in the CPC_RADIX implementation has been fixed - it might possibly impact your TOPE sequences

Previously CPC_RADIX was only applied to the default value of a TC parameter, not to the user-specified value. This has been fixed. This warning is posted because you might see fields with CPC_RADIX=H which are now interpreted as hex that were previously interpreted as decimal. If that had been the case it would have been wrong, so this problem would very likely have been noticed; it had to be fixed.

We would strongly recommend that if you plan to interpret TC parameters as hexadecimal integers, you should use the prefix 0x. This ensures that TOPE "knows" the number base, and expressions on the value will be computed as intended. This interpretation has no need for CPC_RADIX to be H. For unambiguous TOPE sequences and database interpretation we do not much recommend using CPC_RADIX=H at all.