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CCS5 available for Linux

For the first time, a fully tested and supported CCS5 is available for Linux

We're proud to announce that CCS5 has passed all its tests, including performance on Linux; it's officially tested on RHEL 7.1 but installs and runs on a variety of "RPM-compatible" distributions, e.g. SLES12, Fedora Core 20,21, and Centos. If there is demand, Debian-derived distributions such as Ubuntu could easily be added.

You can install it in one go, with no external RPM dependencies. The setup and configuration is very similar in principle to Windows; the CCS user interface is almost identical. Find out more here

Note that because of its currently limited user base, a modest additional annual charge is made for maintenance on Linux; our intention is to divide this cost fairly between all companies using this platform, if it proves to be popular, then this fee may be dropped altogether.