Test - Integrate - Control


CMDVS is being used to implement the Service Module Simulator for the Galileo FOC payload EGSE
Complex interfaces, challenging schedule, this is just about as tough a project as a spacecraft EGSE can get. The new Galileo test equipment for the Full Orbital Configuration (FOC) is being implemented using CMDVS technology using SSBV front end equipment and using TSC as the SMS controller.

The system has to manage all the interfaces to the Galileo payload including power, 1553, discrete TM and TC interfaces, heaters and thermistors, to “simulate” the presence of the Galileo platform to the payload while it is being integrated and tested.

CMDVS technology will allow all the front end interfaces to be directly controlled from test scripts without any need for the customer to make any EGSE specific databases. The customer only needs to create a TMTC database for the payload itself. This gives complete flexibility (and speed) to the development of the payload test procedures.

A special GalSms plugin had to be developed that would allow communication using the EDEN standard protocol used in Galileo EGSE, but also providing the direct functional (API) interface to the CMDVS front end. The new plugin has all the features of the EDEN plugin but can also manage multiple checkout equipment via EDEN.

Special safety features are built-in to trap any unsafe payload reconfigurations requested remotely or via the local user interface.

This system also has to maintain the temperature of the payload within stable, safe limits while it is being tested at ambient temperatures on the ground. TSC is being used to implement the thermal control algorithms, and to manage interfaces to the thermocouples, chillers, coolant valves and controlling flow of coolant to the cold plates. It also has to manage interfaces to the rest of the EGSE so that the same thermal control system can be used for payload level testing and spacecraft level testing.

The first SMS system has been successfully accepted in March 2011 (on time)