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MIB DataBase Browser

The TSC now has a built-in MIB database browser
The new MIB browser shows a tabular view of all the telemetry and telecommand database tables as they have been loaded into memory. All loaded databases are shown (there can be several) with the source database of the current row shown in the first column.

Database rows can be sorted by clicking on the arrow at the top of any column. You can search or filter the current table view using any text string at the bottom of the MIB viewer window.

You can copy & paste cells from the browser into external tools. Also try holding down the control button and dragging and dropping parameters either onto a telemetry graph plot, or onto a new alphanumeric display.

The MIB browser is quite demanding for large databases, so is not activated by default. If your workstation is reasonably powerful, you should have no problems. To activate the MIB browser you should set the following setting:

set utope::settings(DataBase/useMibViewer) 1