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Changed TM Dump File plugin behaviour

The meaning and usage of TM Dump file setting 'plugins/datasource/TmDump/filename' has changed.
File selection can be done interactively using a file selection dialogue.
In version 1.0.5479 the meaning and usage of the TM Dump file setting 'plugins/datasource/TmDump/filename' has changed.

An inconsistency has been identified between the value of this setting and the interpretation by the TM Dump file plugin.

Now, as for all settings that define a path to a file or directory, when the setting is changed via the Settings Editor file dialogue, the resulting value is stored as the absolute path to the file.

Previously, the TM Dump file plugin expected the value to be relative to the user's TESTENV directory.

This inconsistency has now been fixed by having the plugin expect the absolute path to the file.

Further, it is now possible to use a file selection dialogue to allow you to select the TM dump file when connecting to the datasource.

The dialogue will appear if the above mentioned setting has an empty value, otherwise the plugin will try to open the file defined by the setting.