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Loading Several MIB DB's

It’s now possible to load (and merge) several independent MIB database directories.
The system already allowed you to load multiple databases from these settings

DataBase/dbPath (default <TESTENV>/data/ASCII)
DataBase/internal (default <TESTENV>/internal/ASCII)

The idea was that you might have a separate MIB for the system under test, and another one for your EGSE.

Now it’s possible to load any number of additional MIB DB’s from

DataBase/loadPaths/ /path…..

Where the default sources are as above (dbPath and internal)

Now you can add an arbitrary number of directory paths for loading a database by adding a new path to the settings tree under DataBase/loadPaths.

There should be a full set of MIB files n each directory, although it is OK if the files are empty.
If a partial set of files is found, then the directory will be skipped when a mandatory file is found to be missing.

Why might this be useful? Here are a couple of scenarios:

  • you might have several separate subsystems each with their own database, and it might be simpler for you to keep these databases separate until they are all fully tested
  • you might have some database tables that are generated, and you don’t want to have to constantly merge and separate these databases