Test - Integrate - Control


The CCS (central checkout system) for the IXV spacecraft will be a multi-user deployment of TSC, SYN and DBM
The Intermediate experimental Vehicle (IXV) will use a central checkout system based on TSC.

The IXV will be used to validate European reentry technologies.

The vehicle is not commandable by radio telecommands during its short flight, and only implements a telemetry radio link. However the vehicle is certainly commandable while on the ground during testing, and the commanding must be relatively sophisticated, since all telecommands must be pre-loaded into a mission timeline and then verified as they execute from the timeline using live telemetry.

This is a significant development because the CCS will be a multi-user system. To support multiple users, the TSC needed to be adapted so that:
- users can see telecommands sent from other workstations, and their current verification state
- users can see test sequences running remotely
- a centralised archive is used.
- a multi-user configuration management is needed

CCS is now accepted and operational for IXV test campaign.