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DART (Data Analysis Retrieval Tool) in CCS5

DART (Data Analysis & Retrieval Tool) is now also available in CCS5
DART is a general tool, for retrieving data from a CCS session archive, sorting the results by time, and exporting them to a text file for inclusion in reports or further analysis. It can retrieve any combination telemetry parameter values, telemetry packets, telecommands and events.

DART was previously available on SCOS2000 based CCS4 from Terma; it has now been provided for CCS5. The underlying implementation of the archive ensures much faster and more robust retrieval performance.

The primary search criterion is by time range; DART can search a limited time range within a test session, or the whole of the session. Filters can also be added to each type of item to be retrieved, and can be combined with logical operators to, for example, retrieve only parameter values that were in an alarm monitoring state, or events from a particular source and with a specified severity level.
The retrieved records are sorted and merged into time order. For each type of item retrieved (parameter values, telecommands, events and telemetry packets), the sorting criteria can be specified. For example, telemetry packets may be sorted either by generation time, or reception time.
Merging the retrieved records makes it easy to produce time-correlated reports, for example, showing the values of selected parameters around the time that a particular telecommand was executed.
DART can export session data in a number of formats:
* Tab-separated value
* Plain text
These textual formats are easy to include in report documents, import into office applications, or process further with other tools or custom-written scripts.