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Mar 2014

CLTU handler interface changes

The TOPE interface to the CLTU handler has changed significantly in r1.0.12830

Previously, a TOPE script subscribed using this statement:

::utope::subscribecltu referby C

The subscription interface remains the same, but the contents of the referby variable after updates have changed. The value is now a Tcl list, and you are supposed to access elements of this list using "getCLTUdata" functions. Read More...

Unsolicited TC Acknowledgements

Under certain circumstances you may receive TM(1,x) packets that cannot be matched with any TC that the system is aware of. For example:

- Onboard software bugs (wrong APID, wrong SSC)

- A command sent by another entity (a remote mission control system) e.g. during an SVT

- A command spontaneously generated on board that cannot be predicted

The Unsolicited TC Viewer allows you to view any responses to TC that were not "expected". Read More...