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Improved resetsccparams syntax

To be more usable, this command now takes the pattern as a "glob" style pattern instead of strict regular expressions.
The new syntax is:
resetsccparams ?pattern? ?newVal?

The pattern is now a simple glob-style pattern instead of a regular expression.
Thus to match all parameters starting with A01 you can now use
resetsccparams A01*
instead of
resetsccparams ^A01.*

The -exact option is removed, now all parameter names are exact, i.e. the pattern has to match the full parameter name rather than only part of it. Normal wild cards are allowed, similar to what you would expect with a Unix shell rather than strict regular expressions like e.g. awk.

A new optional argument newVal allows you to specify the new SCC reference value. The default behaviour if not specified is to use the current value if valid.

This feature is effective starting from the version 1.0.17518.