Test - Integrate - Control


The development of CCS (central checkout system) for the MTG spacecraft will boost its TM processing and archiving performance and enhance its network communication capabilities with SNMP integration
The Meteosat Third Generation will use a central checkout system based on TSC.

This next series of geostationary weather satellites will be a step change by providing significant improvements over the capabilities of the current Meteosat generation.

After TSC being upgraded to a multiuser system for IXV, the development for the MTG satellite will take it to a new higher performance level:

- the archiving resolution will be increased to the nanosecond
- CCS will be able to handle and process 1000 packets per second
- CCS will be integrated with SNMP tools, to allow the user to manage remote Agents from test console (e.g. read and change the configuration status of some network equipment)

For the MTG project, CCS will use the EDEN standard protocol for communication to the SCOEs.

The MTG project involves 5 systems the first of which will be deployed in spring 2013.