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New CCS5 release

We are thrilled to announce a new CCS5/TSC/uNIS release!
Besides numerous bug fixes, you will find a handful of new features as well:
  • Improved diagnostics of inconsistencies when loading a MIB.
  • ConfigureCCS allows to send hearbeats via Message Broker (NATS) instead of UDP broadcast. When using this option, CCS workstations and a server no longer need to be in the same subnet.
  • Also ConfigureCCS got a new option "Early AIT" that disables excessive logging of warnings that are common and normally harmless at early stages of AIT.
  • Added support for the MIGS synthetics expression language (compatibility with a ground system by CNES).
  • UDP data source in TSC provides for a simple exchange of TM&TC packets with OBC simulators.
  • TC value sets are fully supported (see PVS and PSV tables in MIB).
  • PLF_TIME is allowed to be negative.