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Changes in CCS5 QML API

In the next CCS5 release we plan to replace some lesser used parts of our QML API.

  • Most components for MIB access will be removed, namely TmTcRow, TmListModel, TcListModel, TmFilteredListModel and TcFilteredListModel. Instead we’ll provide specific models for more convenient access to portions of MIB that are more relevant for QML use: TM displays (DPF/DPC), graphs (GPF/GPC), groups (GRP/GRPA), and also PCF, STK and SEQ tables.
  • ManualStackModel will be replaced with a new component ApStack that works via AutoPilot
  • ProcModel/ProcEntry, CltuHandler and DSM (Data Source Manager) will be removed
  • The context properties “tm” and “tc” together with their functions will be removed in favour of the specific MIB models

To the best of our knowledge, the removed components were not used by our customers anyway. If you happen to use them at the moment, please contact our support team to discuss possible solutions.

Note that the SynViewer, TestSequence and AlarmModel/AlarmEntry components will keep working in foreseeable future.