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GSFE TestDriver

The GSFE TestDriver allows demonstrating & testing MCS protocols
TestDriver can be used to test & demonstrate interfacing to ground stations without any complex Satellite Simulator or real ground station equipment.

It can also demonstrate "hybrid" CCS and MCS systems that use both EGSE packet-based protocols and MCS frame-based protocols in parallel. This configuration is increasingly used in modern satellite checkout applications.

TestDriver is a GSFE driver that acts as a test "stub" to CCS5. Instead of communicating with an external Ground Station, it responds to CCS as though a basic Ground Station and satellite were present.

It accepts CLTU, closes the COP1 flow control, and acknowledges the packets inside them. It is able to simulate generation of a housekeeping TM packets.
All TM are injected at frame level.

To activate TestDriver, choose "SelfTest" as the MCS protocol in the Configure CCS MMI. The default driver settings are suitable for use with the Terma CCS Self Test