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New CCS5 release

After six months of hard work we have published a new CCS5 release with many improvements.
Here are the most notable new features included in this release:
  • uNIS got a dedicated MMI widget that is available alongside GSFE View. It is also possible to use uNIS with TSC.
  • TM parameter description (PCF_DESCR) has been added to all appropriate MMIs.
  • TM parameter expiry algorithm now includes additional margin time on top of PID_INTER to accommodate inevitable jitter on the route from OBC to our system. This is particularly useful when PID_INTER is equal to a packet's frequency.
  • The CMDVS2 plugin is now available in the 64 bit builds of TSC on Windows. It is used to interface with equipment from Celestia STS.
  • You can restart a sequence using the context menu in the TOPE sequence manager. This is particularly useful when developing a new sequence that fails or hangs often.
  • The Dynamic HK feature used to be available only in CCS5, but now it works in TSC as well.
  • Many bugfixes and performance improvements, particularly related to starting and stopping high numbers of short-running TOPE sequences.
  • Added support for SCOS MIB ICD 7.1. Also, we have prepared our own "Terma MIB ICD" that is free from implementation details specific to SCOS2000, and also describes our enhancements of the ICD. The document is available in the "Other downloads" section.
  • Note that the NATS daemon is now enabled by default. It is used for some internal communication between different CCS components, and is well hidden under the hood. So, you may notice a new background process called 'gnatsd' that is started and stopped together with SESS_SERVER. If you have enabled a firewall, please open the TCP port 4222 that is used by NATS (this is configurable in application settings).
  • We are actively working on extending CCS5 to control (mega) constellations and fleets of satellites in orbit. This is still work in progress, but the tentative implementation is already available, and you can find a respective option in ConfigureCCS. Please enquire us if you are interested in this functionality.