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Euclid CCS Kick-Off

After negotiation with Thales Alenia Space (IT) in Torino the Euclid CCS project is now formally kicked off.
The project will include some innovations: this includes
  • CFDP (CCSDS file delivery protocol) (new!)
  • TM ingestion rate over 70 Mbit/s (high!)

In the Euclid system, the onboard computer "commands" the mass memory over space wire on board, while recorded files are downlinked at high rate using K band using CFDP. Hence Euclid operations concept will rely on file transfer more than previous missions. This is a trend that is expected to continue in future missions

Nominally, Euclid will use X-band for "live" housekeeping telemetry downlink, using ECSS PUS protocol tailored for Euclid, and K-band for bulk file transfer (science and recorded HK) using CFDP protocol.

It gives us both pride and pleasure that CCS5 has been selected for this challenging program.