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CCS delivered for MTG-S IRS instrument

The TSC based CCS that was enhanced for MTG Satellite AIT has been successfully delivered to OHB Systems also for MTG IRS payload.
The MTG satellite series will comprise four imaging and two sounding satellites.

The sounding satellites, MTG-S, will fly an interferometer, the Infra-red Sounder (IRS), with hyper-spectral resolution in the thermal spectral domain.

The Infrared Sounder (IRS) on MTG-S will be able to provide unprecedented information on horizontally, vertically, and temporally (4-dimensional) resolved water vapour and temperature structures of the atmosphere.

The IRS includes the ozone band and the carbon monoxide band. This will allow measurement within the free troposphere, leading to information on enhanced levels of pollution in the boundary layer below.

For MTG IRS, TERMA has successfully delivered 2 out of 3 systems and they are currently in use at SAB Aerospace in Benevento for AIT.