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Self-Training pack

The installer now contains a self-training test pack. You can learn a little about using TSC and SYN for yourself without the need for a specific training course.
The SelfTraining pack was created to meet the demand for users to be able to learn about some of the more advanced features of uTOPE, monitoring & control, and editing synoptics. It includes some simple sequences and example database that demonstrate some of the more-difficult-to-grasp issues typically covered in a traditional training session.

To install it, use the New Project wizard and select SelfTraining. This will copy the course material into your current test environment (keeping a backup of your existing one if applicable)

Please Note: This training pack is not, for now, intended for complete beginners, if you really are a complete beginner please check again soon (early 2011). We intend to develop this package as our primary training material when we give training courses, so it can be used to prepare in advance for your training course, or as follow up material for self-study.