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TM Sheet Auto Updates

The TM sheet now automatically updates the complete sorted or filtered view of Telemetry parameters
The TM sheet shows you the current value of TM parameters in a sorted/filtered table that you can copy/paste.

Until now, the TM sheet would automatically update the values or states for visible parameters but would not automatically update the sorting or filtering of your current view. You had to hit the “Update” button to re-apply sorting or filtering to the view.

Now, each TM sheet has an “Auto Update” check button. If checked, then the TM sheet is completely updated automatically every 2s.

You can open two types of TM sheet:
  • (1) menu View -> TM Sheet shows you a global view of all parameters and
  • (2) right click on a display, packet, group or subsystem in the TM Parameters viewer

In the global view, default auto-updates are off: this is because with some huge databases, global updates can slow the system down. You can still activate auto-updates, but watch out that this has quite a high performance cost. If your database is relatively small, you will not notice this overhead.

In a restricted view (a group, a packet, a display or a subsystem), the default updating behaviour is to update automatically.