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Congratulations on Successful IXV mission!

Today we saw the successful splashdown of IXV, the first mission to use CCS5 for checkout

The IXV - Intermediate eXperimental Vehicle - successfully completed its mission on February 11, 2015 as it flew a flawless reentry and splashed down in the Pacific Ocean after a 100 minute sub-orbital flight.
The successful flight marks a Terma milestone. For the IXV program Thales Alenia Space, Torino, Italy was the first customer for Terma’s Central Checkout System 5, CCS5. IXV is an experimental vehicle to develop an autonomous European reentry capability for future reusable space transportation.
The Terma CCS team in the Netherlands would like to congratulate Thales Alenia Space and its partners, and thank them for their confidence in our products. We are delighted that the vehicle appears to have performed as expected.
The IXV spaceplane lifted off at 13:40 GMT on 11 February from Europe’s Spaceport in Kourou, French Guiana atop a Vega rocket. It separated at an altitude of 340 km and continued up to 412 km. As it descended, the craft manoeuvred to decelerate from hypersonic to supersonic speed.

It splashed down in the Pacific 100 minutes later.
Initial results show that the flight went flawlessly and has generated much useful data for further development of the key technologies needed for development of re-usable space vehicles in Europe.