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New CCS5 release is available for download

We proudly announce a new CCS5 release for Windows and Linux with numerous bugfixes and enhancements.
The most notable new features included in this release are:
  • As part of a bigger development process to improve CCS5 security, a new user role Guest has been added. It is even more restricted than Observer. In this role you cannot switch to another role and cannot see TC parameters. Also the "tcrawAllowed" setting has been removed. A new capability "canSendRawTelecommand" should be used instead.
  • The TM parameter table in a session results database now contains SPID of a packet that updated a parameter. This enhancement hugely simplifies and optimises SQL queries used by CCS5 under the hood. To reflect this change in the database schema, the table has been renamed to TM_PARAM_AG. A view TM_PARAM_AF is provided, so your SQL queries will continue to work.
  • Consequently TM Packet History Viewer is now able to show TM parameters. Also MMI of TCHIST has been harmonised with TMHIST.
  • UNIS can be now controlled from TOPE using commands in the UNIS:: namespace. Also it is no longer a systemd service, but is started and stopped transparently by CCS5 as needed. It supports multiple service instances, and supports the RCF service. Its test tools have been improved, and it is now included in the CCS nightly auto-testing process.
  • LaunchPad has been given a "Leave" button, so that you can leave a session without closing CCS Client.

The full change list can be found here.