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CCS/TSC for Qt5 has a new Alarm Viewer…

The Alarm Viewer shows a tabular view of a batch of alarm messages raised by telemetry monitoring.

This viewer presents a current snapshot of the alarm status (in case the user has chosen to show the last alarm in each group) or allows to track down the first occurrence of a problem (in case the user has chosen to show the first alarm in each group). The full list of alarms can be found in the log view and archive log files in the RESULTS folder
You can call up the Alarm Viewer from the console toolbar, the "View" menu or by hitting F12, when there are pending alarms, or from the "Window" menu otherwise.

Contents can be selected, copied to the clipboard, sorted and filtered.

A group of alarms can be acknowledged by double clicking on one of the rows, or all can be acknowledged at once by clicking the "Acknowledge All" button.

You can quickly filter out the acknowledged records by un-checking the "Show Acknowledged Alarms" check button.

The alarm audiblity settings can be changed as settings or directly from the tool bar.

The alarm model allows an interface to QML for user defined synoptics and a simple TCL interface.