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Support for PUS time formats

New support for the complete set of PUS time formats has been added to TSC.
Support for all the PUS time formats has been added to TSC, in both telemetry and telecommand directions.

This includes all CUC time formats, CDS time formats (type 9,1 and 9,2) and relative time formats (type 10) and the non-standard SCOS2000 time format using UNIX time type 9,30. Type 9,0 (explicit time format in P-field) is supported in the telemetry direction only.

Note that negative relative time formats are expressed according to the ECSS PUS standard, i.e. using two’s complement over the complete time parameter value, including both coarse and fine times.

TSC telecommanding has been updated to allow absolute and relative times to be expressed using floating point notation for both absolute and relative times, as well as in ASD time. Using floating point notation (seconds and fractions of seconds) can be much simpler than expressing a time in ASD format. Although this is convenient, be aware that this has limited portability to SCOS2000.

In the telemetry direction, relative times are always presented in floating point notation, which differs from SCOS2000. On consideration, it was concluded that this notation is far more convenient for expression of relative times than ASD time.