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New Release

New releases of CCS5 and TSC are available on the website.
Common enhancements for TSC and CCS5:
  • PUS-C is supported both for TM and TC, and can be mixed with PUS-A. You can simulate PUS-A and PUS-C TM using utope::processtmpacket with the new -pus option. Both tcsend and processtmpacket got the -mtc option.
  • Support for the latest ESA MIB ICD 7.2.
  • trxSeconds and trxMicroSeconds properties of TM packets have been removed; this data can be easily retrieved from the trx property that has nanosecond resolution.
  • CVS_ID and its references are allowed to be strings. This makes it easier to define unique CVS references that will not conflict with other MIBs after merging.
  • A new component "S1AU" is included in the installation. It provides TOPE and MIB definitions to support the Sentinel 1-like TC authentication, when TCs are signed at the segment level using the AES CMAC hash key (128 bit). It includes a key management facility (KMF) too. You can find more details in the CCS5 design document.
  • A new tcsend option "redundant" allows to send a TC using CCF_RAPID.
  • MIB can be saved and loaded in the JSON format.
  • TM & TC packet viewers (both built-in and HIST viewers) highlight a selected header property in raw data view, just like parameters.
  • New MIB column VPD_PROP can be used to prevent propagation of deduced parameters. It helps when a variable packet contains a mix of a deduced parameter and meta-information about it, for example limits.
  • Settings editor shows descriptions for all settings.
  • Synoptic pictures can be edited from within TSC/CCS.
  • New GSFE driver "CCComDriver" to support the IBB modem by OHB Antwerp.

CCS5-specific enhancements:
  • A generic TCO (time correlator) service can be enabled in ConfigureCCS. It supports static, least-squares and moving-average algorithms. The OBT panel in LaunchPad shows TCO deviation.
  • The DB panel in LaunchPad highlights in red if TM parameter recording is turned off.
  • Numerous improvements in AutoPilot.

  • TM parameter expiry works for VPD parameters.
  • Fixed TM packets distribution via the C&C protocol that became unreliable under high rates.
  • Fixed continuous COP1 retransmit after forcing V(S).
  • Fixed a compatibility issue with PostgreSQL 12.
  • The "subscheduleid" option of tcsend overrules MIB (CCF_SUBSCHEDID).
  • Do not update utope::OBT from TM packets with invalid OBT or when PID_CORR=false (usually TM from SCOE).
  • Do not reset the Session/Name setting on CCS startup.
  • TM/epoch is not constrained to midnight.
  • Various stability improvements.