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CLTU handler interface changes

The TOPE interface to the CLTU handler has changed significantly in r1.0.12830

Previously, a TOPE script subscribed using this statement:

::utope::subscribecltu referby C

The subscription interface remains the same, but the contents of the referby variable after updates have changed. The value is now a Tcl list, and you are supposed to access elements of this list using "getCLTUdata" functions.
The new functions are:
- getcltudata : returns the CLTU. Note that it is now returned in binary form

- getrandomized : flag indicating whether the data is randomized

- getlastsegment : flag indicating whether this CLTU contains the last segment of any contained TC packets

- gettcidlist : a list of one or more TC ID's contained in this CLTU

These changes are to allow proper support for segmentation and aggregation, and for scripted telecommand verification.