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SynChart is now deprecated

The Synoptic object SynChart and its associated objects are now deprecated from the SYN (synoptic tool)
The objects
  • SynChart
  • SynChartChannel
  • SynChartMarker
have been deprecated in the SYN tool.

The reasons for removing these objects are:
  • the time-base of the channel has not been consistently presented
  • the functionality is duplicated in multiple other parts of the system

We have concluded that this implementation was inferior and should be deprecated.

Other options for displaying charts are available, each with their own specific "strengths and weaknesses"

  • the built-in parameter graph view is able to display on multiple re-scalable axes and importantly is able to retrieve parameter values from history.These graphs can be defined on-the-fly using drag & drop. See the menu:

View->Parameter Graphs....

  • the new QML-based alphanumeric display also supports simple graphs using the MIB files GPF and GPC, as advertised in the SCOS2000 MIB import ICD. These graphs can be defined on-the-fly using drag & drop.

  • The QML Commercial Charts package is also available so that user-defined QML scripts can create custom plots with a pleasant appearance.

  • For complete flexibility, an extremely wide range of plot types, and very high performance it is possible to use the BLT plugin to script the plotting of parameter samples.