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New CCS5 release

A new CCS5 release for Windows and Linux includes numerous improvements and bugfixes.
This is what our team both at Terma B.V. and Terma GmbH was working hard despite the summer vacation period:
  • Global settings allow to avoid repetitive runs of ConfigureCCS for each user and workstation.
  • UNIS supports RCF (as well as RAF, F-CLTU) and multiple ground stations. It is now fully integrated into GSFE and no longer has to be started as a service.
  • Full UNIS automated self-test.
  • Source level TC flow control, including tracking of ground segment errors, ground segment buffering, and off-nominal scenarios such as lockout.
  • Binary logging of TM frames and CLTU.
  • More flexible encryption & authentication settings.
  • Web service interface to PART.
  • TC Verifier persistence.
  • TM packet duplicates removal.
  • Support for groups in time tagged TC, and general-purpose modelling of reasons for inhibition.
  • Frame gap recognition.
  • Various robustness and performance improvements.