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Problem sending TCs with Boolean Parameters

TSC release 1.0.12561 (Qt4, 32bit) and CCS 1.0.11708 (Qt4, 32bit) show an important bug sending TC with boolean parameters.
  • In the above mentioned versions using Qt4, boolean TC parameters are set to 0b (false) regardless of user input.
  • Sending a TC with boolean parameter set to "1"/"true" results in a TC packet with boolean parameter set to "false".
  • This bug has been fixed in all CCS and TSC versions using Qt5.
  • For Qt4, 32 bit, TSC release 1.0.13764 Qt4, 32 bit has been released in the TSC Download Area, including the fix for this bug.
  • In general, we strongly advise migrating to a version using Qt5. All active development and maintenance uses Qt5.