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A new TOPE command: tcrepeat

Effective from version 19477, CCS5 and TSC provide a new TOPE command to repeat sending a previous telecommand.
The syntax is as follows:
tcrepeat <id> <tcsend-options>
If no options are specified, the command is exactly repeated, including all its original options and parameters.
The id parameter is the original TC cache ID.
The repeated command is a new command; it is assigned a new ID, which is returned. Its verification history is independent of the original command.
We foresee its usefulness in both AIT and MCS scenarios:
  • repeat a command that failed due to lost connection to a ground station;
  • a command was originally given with wrong options or wrong parameters, and you want to repeat it with a small adjustment, e.g. with another "via" option, or you want to try again with "bypass".