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Parameter group monitoring

TSC and CCS5 now support parameter group monitoring and a visual indicator whenever there is an alarm or warning in any parameter inside any group.
This is useful to help navigate quickly to a the views of problems inside the
A group can be defined in several ways in the MIB
- as a parameter group (GRP, GRPA)
- as a packet (PID, PLF)
- as a display (DPF, DPC)

Any of the displays of any of these groups will now show when there is a problem inside that group.

You can use the AND viewer to define GRP or DPF groups "on the fly" by drag & drop onto the AND viewer. You can then optionally save these groups back to your own personal MIB files under TESTENV/USER

The feature adds a little to TM processing performance demands, so it is possible to configure this setting to false in the TM settings:


The default value is true (we have tested behaviour with high TM rates).