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Tcl Checker Improvements

The TCL checker has several improvements in configurability, efficiency and corrections
The TCL checker is used to perform a static check on TCL syntax.

The following improvements have been implemented:
- checks tclIndex in all directories in the TCL auto_path before warning that a proc is undefined. This also avoids many unnecessary warnings, and makes the checks much faster
- configurability: it’s now possible to configure the checker from the TSC settings: for example to ignore certain warnings or errors
- if a namespace is used for a library that has no checker, this raises a distinct warning from warnUndefProc. This makes it easier to filter out warnings for your own libraries where you did not implement a checker
- configurable path for checkers. In addition to the built-in path, the checker will now search additional directories, in case you implement a checker (.pcx) for your own libraries
- loads all configured databases (an unlimited number of databases, not only the user database) before warning about references to TM or TC items that are not defined.

In addition, the checker has been updated to be aware of new commands and options to existing commands that the checker was previously (incorrectly) warning about.

Documentation has been updated to give instructions how to configure the checker.