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Blank fields in CCF table

The fields CCF_APID, CCF_TYPE, CCF_STYPE no longer take the default value 0

These CCF table fields were imported with the default value 0, i.e. if left blank in the CCF table, the TC APID, PUS Type and PUS SubType would take the default value 0. The MIB ICD does not state any default for these fields so we think using these defaults was wrong.

CCS and TSC do not implement the default value 0 any more for these fields. The default is empty. Whereas before the APID, type and subtype would default to zero, now you will see an error if these fields are unspecified. Actually we think this is safer: you should not be sending TC with unknown APID's, types or subtypes.

We have checked carefully for any regressions and found none, nevertheless you should be aware of this change, and please inform us if you find any associated problem