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Hot Redundancy and Advanced Session Control

Thanks to a successful collaboration with GISTDA in the VOSSCA project, CCS now offers a hot redundancy feature, to reduce the criticality of failures on the main CCS server.

CCS now permits a redundant server to run in parallel with the nominal server, and to replicate data (TM, TC, Events, Sequences) between them. If a failure occurs on the nominal server, workstations can seamlessly switch to the redundant server.

This provides data integrity and uninterrupted control during both checkout and mission control.

Some additional "advanced" session control features are also supported:
  • Load different MIB during session switch
  • Select virtual channels for telemetry processing

As an example use case during AIT, the TM/TC definition tables (the so-called MIB database) are sometimes updated. It is now possible to request a new MIB to be loaded while switching session. There is no need to fully stop and start the test.

During mission control, after a spacecraft has passed over a ground station and has downloaded both live and recorded data (on separate virtual channels), the virtual channel filter can be changed while switching a sessions. This allows live and recorded data to be separately visualised and monitored.

These features appear in the updated CCS Launch Pad window and can be called from TOPE sequences.

Hot redundancy was necessary for the adoption of CCS5 as a replacement for the THEOS1 mission control system. CCS5 is the basis of the VOSSCA system, developed in collaboration with GISTDA (Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency) of Thailand.