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The first CCS5 release with Tcl 8.6 support

We are delighted to announce that CCS5 and TSC have been upgraded to use Tcl/Tk 8.6 and are available to download.

The main benefits are:
- the uTOPE debugger is replaced with a new Terma-developed one, preserving the same functionality;
- support for IPv6;
- native support for large integers;
- new language constructs like dict, coroutines and improved introspection.

The impacts are:
- The BLT plugin is no longer supported. We suggest using PLOT:: functions instead.
- Tk now uses web colour names instead of X11 colour names. The only really obvious change is that "green" colour name now gives a much darker shade. To get the primary green colour, #00ff00 in Tk 8.6, use the name "lime" instead.
- pkg_mkIndex now sorts alphabetically.

Of course, the last tested Tcl 8.4-based release is available from our Old Releases page.
Please note that the upgrade has been done only on Windows. Upgrading CCS5 for Linux is in progress, and we will announce it separately.