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New release

A new CCS5, TSC and uNIS release is now available on the website.
Common enhancements for TSC and CCS5:
  • Upgraded Qt to version 5.12.2 and the Windows compiler to MSVC2017. Please note that as a consequence of this upgrade, the minimal supported Linux versions are now RHEL/CentOS 7.4 and OpenSUSE Leap 42.3.
  • Added a new setting TM/getObtFromTimePacket and a corresponding dynamic variable TM::Status(obtFromTimePacket), default true. When set to false, time packets will not affect the system's OBT. This might be useful in an SVF setup, when OBT should be driven only by UDP datagrams.
  • The "authorise" command got new options -needed and -state.
  • Added a new parameter property "vc" to the OL, VICE and OC synthetic languages.
  • CAF_INTER can be patched dynamically.
  • Added a crash-reporting capability. If a crash happens, a minidump is generated under the "crashes" folder in your Documents (on Windows) or $HOME on Linux. Please forward this minidump to Terma for further investigation. It contains no IPR-sensitive data.
  • Added a test for VPD_CHOICE.

CCS5-specific enhancements:
  • Added a new function CCSSEQ::replayVC to replay TM from a VC in a dedicated session. This provides for parallel processing of live and recorded TM during a satellite pass.
  • Numerous MMI improvements in PAR history viewer.
  • TOPE commands in the ALARM::* and PROC::* namespaces are implicitly remoted now.

  • PID events should be raised only for active VC's.
  • $utope::cltuHandler(gsBufferCount) could sometimes get a wrong value.
  • In the TM Groups tab it has become possible to filter for subnodes in the tree, e.g. use a parameter name on the Packets tab or a packet name on the Displays tab etc.
  • Fixed PART extraction of supercommutated samples in the "On Update" mode.
  • The COP1 implementation now takes into account a scenario where both retransmit and wait flags are set.
  • Some parts of CMDVS(2) API were missing from the Tcl checker.
  • Several bugfixes for the MIGS synthetic language.
  • The "waitfor" command didn't check for omitted variable name.
  • Some bugfixes related to interoperability with NASA Deep Space Network.