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New Procedure Model for tracking on ground and on board procedures (OBCP) status

The new CCS/TSC for Qt5 has a feature named Procedure Model, which allows you to track the status of the on ground procedures (e.g. TOPE sequences) and of the on board procedures (OBCPs - On Board Control Procedures)
Each procedure in the model has a standard attribute "onBoard" which may be true or false; so it is possible to simultaneously track and visualise both on board and ground procedures.

CCS/TSC is able to monitor OBCP telemetry and telecommands and update the model automatically. This support follows the concept defined in ECSS-E-70-41-A (ECSS PUS service 18).

The Procedure Viewer window can be called up from the console tool bar. It shows the contents of the current model. It is possible to filter, search or sort the currently loaded procedures.

There is an indicator of the currently running procedure count and the total number of loaded procedures.

The procedure model also supports a simple TCL interface for updating its contents and QML, so you can develop your own user interface.