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Builtin MIB database

CCS5 and TSC now have a tiny compiled-in database

This builtin MIB database contains very little for now. Only an essential telecommand definition BINCMD; this is the convention for a telecommand with only raw data. Even when you want to send raw data, our system does insist that you give a telecommand name (so it can check any sending conditions or verification). We use this command in some system tools (e.g. GSFE) so the command should be guaranteed to be defined.

If your databases contain the same command definition, it should be harmless but you may want to rename it or remove it.

Use of the builtin database is controlled by settings


If this Boolean setting is true then this setting is defined:


The default value is :/bultin/ASCII; this is a reference to a compiled-in MIB database.