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Remember to clear CCS settings when upgrading

Due to recent changes in settings storage, if you upgrade CCS5 to version 19471 or later, it is mandatory to clear settings and reconfigure your installation.
In general, we recommend clearing settings every time CCS is upgraded in order to minimise chances of obscure misbehaviour.

asdtoarc moved to the utope namespace

The TOPE function TOOLS::asdtoarc has been moved to the utope:: namespace as part of the general harmonisation and bug fixing in the area of time handling API. In fact, now you can invoke this function without any namespace qualifier. Explicit references to TOOLS::asdtoarc will trigger a syntax error.
The change is effective starting from the version 18619.

Changes in TM VC mask and TC security mask

Two low-level changes have been introduced in the TOPE syntax that might affect your applications.

::utope::vcMaskTM is now TM::Status(vcMask)

It continues to be used both locally in the CCS console and in IFMGR, to mask out telemetry packets or frames received on a certain virtual channel.

::utope::cltuHandler(authMapIdMask) is now ::utope::cltuHandler(secMapIdMask)

The same change is reflected in the GSFE API, i.e. GSFE::status will now contain the index secMapIdMask instead of authMapIdMask.

Renaming of CLTU properties

CCS5 will be enhanced soon with new TC authentication algorithms in additon to the current "hard knapsack" algorithm. Therefore, related settings, commands and CLTU handler array indexes have been renamed. Read More...

New download links for Linux installers

The download links for Linux RPMs have been changed to reflect that we support multiple Linux distributions from the RHEL and SUSE families.
Tested releases can be found here, and nightly builds - here.

tcom Tcl package replaced by twapi

The tcom package that provides access to COM objects on Windows has been replaced by the twapi package. Read More...

The first CCS5 release with Tcl 8.6 support

We are delighted to announce that CCS5 and TSC have been upgraded to use Tcl/Tk 8.6 and are available to download. Read More...

Time values in the archive have been changed

Storage format of time values in the TM parameter archive has been improved. Read More...

TOPE Upgrade to Tcl 8.6

The Tcl core in TOPE will soon be updated to version 8.6 Read More...


A bug in the CPC_RADIX implementation has been fixed - it might possibly impact your TOPE sequences Read More...

Blank fields in CCF table

The fields CCF_APID, CCF_TYPE, CCF_STYPE no longer take the default value 0 Read More...

Change of default MAPID Allocation

The behaviour for default MAP-ID's in telecommands has changed in a small way…. Read More...

Qt4 phased out in January 2015

Qt4-based releases are now deprecated, new projects should use Qt5-based releases.


Problem sending TCs with Boolean Parameters

TSC release 1.0.12561 (Qt4, 32bit) and CCS 1.0.11708 (Qt4, 32bit) show an important bug sending TC with boolean parameters. Read More...

SynChart is now deprecated

The Synoptic object SynChart and its associated objects are now deprecated from the SYN (synoptic tool) Read More...

CLTU handler interface changes

The TOPE interface to the CLTU handler has changed significantly in r1.0.12830

Previously, a TOPE script subscribed using this statement:

::utope::subscribecltu referby C

The subscription interface remains the same, but the contents of the referby variable after updates have changed. The value is now a Tcl list, and you are supposed to access elements of this list using "getCLTUdata" functions. Read More...

CCS Testing on XP no longer supported

Testing on Windows™ XP is not longer supported.

Potential problems replaying recorded TM data on certain versions of TSC

Problem has been observed in 1.0.9660, 1.0.9750, it is assumed that versions in between are affected but unfortunately we cannot be more precise.
Latest release is not affected. CCS is not affected. Read More...

Changed TM Dump File plugin behaviour

The meaning and usage of TM Dump file setting 'plugins/datasource/TmDump/filename' has changed.
File selection can be done interactively using a file selection dialogue. Read More...